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This is a concept in which a figure is played across the fingerboard using all strings necessary pat martino realize the full potential of notes available in a position. Beat-by-beat melodic analysis of melodic line 7. An analysis of this line can lick found in Figure The use of the open 5th string here allows for time to make the position shift to the 5th position. Situated in the 5th position, melodic pattern 6 Figure 19 can be viewed as the upper octave neighbor of melodic pattern 4, also in the 5th position.

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Pat martino lick
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The first finger can be used as an anchor point as it has been in previous patterns. Beats 3 and 4 of measure 1 will show a familiar fingering pattern borrowed from the A minor pentatonic scale. While the notes of this pattern itself are not unique, the placement in the 1st position is very important. Alternate picking should be used first then an economy pat martino lick may be experimented with. By playing the line pat martino lick over a Dm7 chord it is clear that when fewer chromatic notes are used they seem to be more noticeable.

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Pat martino lick

An analysis for this line can be seen in Figure Use the first finger as an anchor point as the other fingers move around it. In analyzing this line over D minor we notice that melodic pattern 1 begins but has added slurs between the E-F. Leave a Comment Name:

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Pat martino lick
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Pat martino lick
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